3 Tips to Lower Your Blood Pressure

We've Got 3 Great Tips That Work to Lower Your Blood Pressure!

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If your blood pressure is higher than it's supposed to be, you know you need to make a few lifestyle changes - but we can honestly say that they aren't hard to do, we swear! Here's a great list of things you can do that are EASY ways to help lower your pressure. If you want to feel better, check out this super-easy list!

Increase Your Activity Easily — If you start easy it won't be a chore. Walk instead of drive short distances. Go for bike rides. Use the stairs instead of the elevator in buildings. Do housework inside and outside. Do gardening or fix up your property. Walk with friends at night. Get creative and have fun because this is NOT hard work!

Have a Little Less Sugar, Salt and Refined Carbs — Well, you've heard it a million times that less carbs helps you lose weight which in turn lowers your blood pressure. And cutting back on salt reduces water weight and lowers bp. The beauty is that you don't have to start with huge changes - we say start off slow and work your way into it so it's easy and you will definitely start to notice results!

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Cut Down on Processed Foods — You wanna know what foods are high in salt, sugar, and refined carbs? PROCESSED FOODS. Foods like chips and snacks, desserts, and even many deli meats might taste good, but we both know it's better if you cut back on your intake. Once you start checking labels for fat, sugar, and carbs you'll quickly realize that there are better, healthier food choices that still taste great.

If you start out slow, eventually you won't believe how doing these things will without question improve your quality of life. You'll lose weight, trim down, and you'll notice that your blood pressure will most likely begin to drop. Again, we recommend surfing the web for info and talk to your doctor for more advice.

Make sure to check out our next follow-up article - PART 2 of more easy choices you can make to help lower your blood pressure!

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